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Date(s) - 21 Sep 17:00
17:00 - 19:15



“Diversity affects everyone: it is a precondition for quality education and social justice. “It is crucial to expand students’ knowledge so that they become aware of the growing global interconnectedness and they can see the world through the eyes of others.” (Report Diversity Commission)

Widely held concerns about the state of contemporary academia led to a series of protests, which in Amsterdam culminated in 2015 with the occupation of the Bungehuis and Maagdenhuis. This sparked off a debate on democratization, diversity and decolonization at the University of Amsterdam with an abundance of articles, debates, petitions and well-attended lectures raising important questions like what kind of knowledge comes to count as valuable? How does the UvA connect to the diverse city that it is a part of? Do people feel the UvA is an inclusive environment? And how do the various intersections of gender, sexuality, worldview, ethnicity or disability impact opportunities for staff and students?

To start answering some of these questions, the Diversity Commission has spent the past six months researching how to improve diversity at the University of Amsterdam. In particular, they havefocusedondiversity of knowledge in curricula, research areas and teaching methods as well as diversityof experiences, opportunities and backgrounds. The research has lead to a number of concrete recommendations. Do you want to discuss these recommendations or share your opinion on diversity policy? Then come to one of the three community feedback sessions in September! During these sessionswe will discuss the results of the research and you will get a chance to ask question and offer feedback, input and suggestions. Your input will be a valuable contribution for the final report, which will be presented in the University library on October 12.