Yolande Jansen, René Hulst e.a.

De ad hoc ReThink werkgroep presenteert haar visie op allocatie

UvA-HvA: One hand washes the other. Nicolaï’s reappointment as arrogance of power

Harriet Bergman, Enzo Rossi and Josef Früchtl

The reappointment of Atzo Nicolaï as chair of the UvA-HvA's supervisory board shows a blatant disregard of this university's elected reprentatives and academic community.

Downwards accountability

Guy Geltner, Sicco De Knecht, Enzo Rossi, Markus Stauff

The Supervisory Board acts like it is knowingly ignoring the students and staff of the University of Amsterdam

Benoemingsprocedure College van Bestuur UvA-onwaardig

Sicco de Knecht, Josef Früchtl, Jan Teurlings

This article, first published in the Volkskrant on 4 January, invites the candidates for the CvB to make themselves known and explain their views to the UvA's academic community - in stark contrast to the current, rather secretive selection process.