Joint Statement by ReThink UvA, De Nieuwe Universiteit and Humanities Rally

De Nederlandse tekst volgt hieronder Yesterday, the CvB published a list of ten points addressing the stewardship and institutional culture of the university. After persistent denial, the CvB has finally made a rhetorical U-turn, a direct consequence of our protest and efforts. We welcome this development, but efforts are needed to progress beyond changes in […]

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CvB discussion in CREA: ReThink UvA’s intervention

On Monday 9 March, a few hours after the ultimatum posed by ReThink UvA had passed, the Executive Board had planned the first of a series of weekly discussions with staff and students in the CREA university theater. The debate was very well attended: more than 100 people were present inside the auditorium, and another 100 in the […]

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Lecture Series Think! Humanities

Over the past decades, the marketization and managerialization of higher learning across the Netherlands has resulted in continuous and seemingly interminable efforts to evaluate, restructure and re-invent university teaching and learning on all levels. This holds true for the humanities in particular where the new imperatives, effectivity, profitableness and utilitarian thinking, set out to threaten […]

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Letter to the Supervisory Board

Following the decision of the third ReThink UvA General Assembly, ReThink UvA has requested a line of communication with the Supervisory Board of the UvA. To the Supervisory Board, We write with deep concern regarding the unfolding situation at the UvA. Our genuine and repeated attempts to bring an end to the trust crisis between […]

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UvA Flex: A consistent and constructive policy for temporary staff

Scroll down for English Een constructief en consequent beleid voor tijdelijke medewerkers OPROEP: Heeft onderstaande betrekking op jou? Deel jouw persoonlijke verhaal, laat weten dat je ons steunt of wilt bijdragen via Wil je actief deelnemen aan onze werkgroep, meld je dan aan voor onze mailing list: via

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Fourth Staff Assembly on Monday 9 March

At our fourth general assembly in the Maagdenhuis on Monday at 4 PM, we will discuss the Executive Board’s response to our demands, for which we have given them until 9 AM on Monday to respond in full. The agenda working group will prepare drafts of a response to the Board’s reaction, and the actions […]

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Response to CvB’s request for extension of deadline

De Nederlandse tekst volgt hieronder   In response to the CvB’s request for extension of the deadline, ReThink UvA sent the following message. Dear Dr. Gunning-Schepers, Today we received your request for an extension on the deadline we set in our recent communication. Your request concerned only one of the demands listed. Nonetheless, as a […]

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Eerste schriftelijke reactie op verzoek van uitstel CvB

Geachte dr. Gunning-Schepers, Bedankt voor uw schriftelijke reactie op onze brief van 4 maart. Als docenten ontvangen wij regelmatig verzoeken om uitstel van een deadline, en ook in dit geval willen we daar zorgvuldig en verantwoord mee omgaan. In reactie op uw verzoek om uitstel kunnen we u dan ook het volgende mededelen: in onze […]

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Third staff assembly on Friday 6 March

After last Wednesday’s second ReThink UvA staff assembly, our letter with six demands was sent to the Executive Board. You are all warmly invited to join our next assembly on Friday 6 March, 16.00h, where we will have an open discussion on what our response will be to whatever reaction the Board will have formulated […]

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Meeting with Executive Board

De Nederlandse tekst volgt hieronder. At the invitation of the University of Amsterdam’s Executive Board (CvB), a group of staff members came to discuss the demands of Rethink UvA, which have now been formally adopted by a well-attended staff assembly and publicly supported by the FNV (Federation of Dutch Labour Movement) and VAWO (Scientists’ Union). […]

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ReThink UvA komt met eisen op Nationale Actiedag

In het kader van de Nationale Actiedag vond vandaag om 16.00 uur een drukbezochte algemene vergadering van ReThink UvA plaats in het Maagdenhuis. ReThink UvA presenteerde hier een voorstel tot democratisering en decentralisering van het UvA-bestuur met als doel een academische gemeenschap te creëren die in staat is om zichzelf te besturen. Belangrijk onderdeel van […]

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Demands to the Executive Board of the University of Amsterdam

De Nederlandse tekst volgt hieronder. At present, ever more decisions are taken at the UvA by managers who are removed from the concerns and needs of students and staff, and do not answer to them for those decisions. Without assuming there is one template that fits each and every program, department, institute, or faculty, we […]

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Staff meetings on Wednesday and Thursday

Following Saturday’s meeting, the staff will gather for a second meeting in the main hall of the Maagdenhuis on the National Action Day, Wednesday 4 March 2015 at 16.00h. Please see the minutes of Saturday’s meeting below. Minutes Staff Meeting Maagdenhuis In addition, FNV is organizing meetings for staff members on Thursday, 5 March, 2015 at three different […]

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