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Letter to Supervisory Board on appointment new CvB members

ReThink UvA, De Nieuwe Universiteit, and Humanities Rally sent a joint letter to the Supervisory Board on the issue of the appointment of a new rector for the UvA and a new chairperson for the Executive Board. The letter was sent on Tuesday, May 26st. The Supervisory Board has not yet responded. [Scroll down for English] Geachte […]

Proposal for Finance Committee presented

The preparatory working group for the Finance Committee has presented its proposal for the Finance Committee this afternoon with the purpose of consulting the academic community. The proposal consists of a mandate and a composition, including names of candidates, and is the result of weeks of deliberation and constructive discussion among representatives of all parties involved […]

Update on preparations committees

Following the earlier announced course of action, the parties involved in the preparations for the Finance Committee met with financial experts for consultations, last Tuesday, 13 May. The meeting was productive and generated useful ideas on how to further define the contours of the committee. The parties will meet again on Wednesday, 20 May, to […]

Preparations for Finance Committee continue

Representatives of COR, CSR, De Nieuwe Universiteit, Humanities Rally, ReThink UvA, ASVA, and the unions had a third meeting on Wednesday, 29 April, to continue preparations for the establishment of the Finance Committee. The parties have reached consensus on the draft mandate and exchanged thoughts on the composition of the committee. They agreed on the […]

Preparatory meetings on establishment of two committees

Following the joint declaration  on the establishment of two independent committees at the University of Amsterdam, the involved parties—COR, CSR, De Nieuwe Universiteit, Humanities Rally, ReThink UvA, and the unions—have initiated a series of meetings with the aim of preparing the establishment of these committees. After an introductory meeting on Wednesday 8 April, it was […]

Wat gebeurde er na de rechterlijke uitspraak vrijdagnamiddag?

Contacten met burgemeester, loco-burgemeester en politiek: niemand verwachtte een ontruiming 1. Vrijdagavond heeft een student tussen 19.00 en 20.00 Van der Laan gebeld. De student beschikte over het rechtstreekse nummer. Van der Laan zat in Zuid-Frankrijk. De student maakte duidelijk dat de studenten zouden vertrekken op zondagavond of maandagmorgen. Toen viel de verbinding weg. Drie […]

Establishment of committees: first step towards change

Today we have come to an agreement concerning the establishment of two independent committees. One committee will investigate the financial situation of the university, while another will explore options for a new democratic and decentralized governance structure. This is a direct result of the protests in the past weeks and a major achievement of the […]

Joint declaration regarding independent committees on finance and governance

COR, CSR, De Nieuwe Universiteit (DNU), Humanities Rally (HR), Rethink UvA and the unions have come to an agreement with the Executive Board (CvB) regarding the creation of two independent committees. This has opened a new phase in the conversations. The parties involved expect that this will be an important step to achieve further democratization […]

Open letter UvA Science Park

Dear colleagues and students at the Science Park, A national debate on the core values f the university is well underway. Participants in this debate have put forward a number of important issues on national and local levels. As students and staff of the University of Amsterdam at the Science Park (FNWI, AUC, IIS), we […]

Dear Maagdenhuis, can we please get our shit together?

I confess, from the first time I was awkwardly hoisted in through the back window of the occupied Bungehuis, I was already in love. Since the cleaners’ strike and occupation of the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam in 2011, I had started to see the university in a whole new light: as a site of impressive […]

Joint delegation meets Executive Board

Yesterday, a joint delegation of ReThink UvA, De Nieuwe Universiteit, and Humanities Rally met with rector magnificus Dymph van den Boom and secretary Geke van Velzen, in an attempt to resolve the current crisis of trust at the UvA. The topic of discussion was the joint proposal recently adopted by the above mentioned parties regarding […]

Jacques Rancière visits Maagdenhuis

After offering a stage to inspiring speakers like David Graeber, Joris Luyendijk, Arnold Heertje, Ewald Engelen, and others, the Maagdenhuis today had the honor of hosting renowned French philosopher Jacques Rancière. Rancière engaged in a Q&A session with students and staff members. Rancière’s presence is particularly apt in the context of the current Maagdenhuis appropriation and student protests. A former […]

Open Letter VU Earth Sciences

Betreft: Open brief van afdeling Aardwetenschappen Amsterdam, 24 maart 2015   Geachte leden van het CvB, Hierbij sluiten wij, medewerkers van de Afdeling Aardwetenschappen van de Faculteit Aard- en Levenswetenschappen, ons aan bij de protesten tegen de huidige ontwikkelingen aan de Nederlandse Universiteiten. Helaas vormt de Vrije Universiteit bepaald geen uitzondering, als het gaat om […]

Where to go from here?

A joint proposal by De Nieuwe Universiteit, Humanities Rally, and ReThink UvA. Context: achieved objectives, upcoming challenges The movement composed by De Nieuwe Universiteit, Humanities Rally, and ReThink UvA had an overlapping set of demands. After the CvB’s recent reactions, there is evidence of progress towards meeting several of them: University-wide, faculties and departments are engaged […]

United Faculties Rally

ReThink UvA organiseert aanstaande vrijdag 20 maart om 16.30 uur een UvA-brede manifestatie in het Maagdenhuis met de titel United Faculties Rally. De manifestatie brengt medewerkers uit alle faculteiten van de UvA samen en is de eerste in een reeks stappen voor een universiteitsbrede beweging voor hervorming van de UvA. De recente ontwikkelingen aan de UvA laten zien […]

Irish Congress of Trade Unions Youth, Union of Students in Ireland, and Irish Federation of University Teachers

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) Youth, the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) and the Irish Federation of University Teachers (IFUT) want to express our support for the New University / ReThink UvA occupation at the University of Amsterdam. The demand to put an end to “managerialism, real-estate-speculation and precarious labour in Higher […]

ReThink UvA will discuss invitation Executive Board at General Assembly

In response to the joint statement by ReThink UvA, De Nieuwe Universiteit, Humanities Rally and ASVA student union, we received a message from the Executive Board of the University of Amsterdam on Wednesday, 11 March 2015. The Executive Board states that it agrees that further steps should be taken and that the ten-point plan offers a good starting point. They […]

VU Faculty of Social Sciences

Amsterdam, 17 maart 2015 Geacht College van Bestuur van de Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, De studentenacties en docentenacties aan de UvA en aan andere universiteiten, volgend op jarenlange onrust van medewerkers en studenten (ook hier op de VU), hebben heel wat losgemaakt en tot een breed maatschappelijk en politiek debat geleid. Wij, stafleden van de Faculteit […]

Students and staff demonstrate for a new university

Over a thousand students and staff members of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) gathered in front of the Maagdenhuis last Friday to demonstrate for democratization and decentralization of the UvA. The demonstrators subsequently marched along a number of notable UvA locations in the city center, such as Binnengasthuis, Spinhuis, and Bungehuis. Several speeches were held by both students and staff members, advocating transparency, […]

De nieuwe universiteit is anders

Open brief van H.NU aan de VSNU   I. De reactie van de VSNU: de algemene problematiek Op 4 maart publiceerde de Vereniging van Samenwerkende Nederlandse Universiteiten (VSNU) een reactie op de protesten van studenten en universitair medewerkers aan de UvA, en ook daarbuiten. Het is goed dat de VSNU uitgebreid ingaat op het “debat […]

University of Oslo Student Parliament

The Student Parliament at the University of Oslo wishes to express its solidarity with the students demonstrating in Amsterdam. Universities are academic communities – not stock companies. Democratic organization, giving power to the students and academics, is essential to ensure that the pursuit of truth is not corrupted by and entangled with, the pursuit of […]