The United Faculties Panel seeks to showcase how the spirit of the Maagdenhuis protest is spreading in workplaces across the UvA and other universities. At the first United Faculties Rally we heard many inspiring stories of local initiatives being taken across the UvA based on similar concerns. What has happened since – and where do we go from here?

Join us as at this workshop of ideas, where we bring together people from across the UvA and other universities to discuss how we can deepen and broaden this movement in our faculties and departments from the ground up. Let‘s set our goals and take the mobilization to the next phase!

The program:
17.30 Introduction 
17.35 Contribution from panelists
18.15 Updates from the UvA faculties
18.30 Open discussion about next steps 

Panel speakers:
Machiel Keestra (FNWI, Rethink Science Park)
Ellen Bal (VU Amsterdam, Verontruste VUers)
Michael Marchman (Wageningen University, FNV/Borderless)
Pieter Pekelharing (FGw, BroaderRethink)