Take Back Control



Please find below Dutch and English language posters of ReThink UvA:


What Teachers Want

The ReThink UvA Teaching working group has prepared the following posters that recap the main points of its position paper (soon available in the Virtual Assembly). The posters are for everyone to download, print (if possible in colour! in A4 or A3) and post up in university buildings or anywhere you please. Many thanks to Julio Reyes Montesinos for his design. Please use and enjoy!



We are all ReThink UvA

In an attempt to offer a who-is-who in current events, Folia has rather visibly mentioned some ReThinkers (see here and here). While this is no secret – many of us regularly write and speak in public – we thought this was a bit unfair. We decided to set things straight and created a poster with the names of more than 100 ReThinkers (we couldn’t fit more).