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Enough is enough

The following speech was given by Natalie Scholz at the demonstration De UvA kan niet terug naar normaal, Friday, 19 June 2020, Roeterseiland, UvA.   I am standing here in awe and in bottomless anger. I am in awe, because a group of former UvA students has refused to let themselves be silenced. Dear phenomenal […]


[Dutch follows English] The recruitment of two new members of the CvB has started. ReThink asks that the candidates that step forward to lead the UvA/HvA clarify their positions about the key issues that are currently under debate. In the spirit of transparency, accountability, and responsible leadership, ReThink has designed a handy visualization tool, so […]

Can We, Should We Democratize the Classroom?

While committees gather and processes unfold across our campuses, many of us who are eager to practice what we’ve preached over the past year are asking: Can we, students and teachers at the UvA, democratize our classrooms, and should we? Can there really be such a thing as bottom-up higher education? After all, the university […]