Solidarity Messages

Statement of Support from members of the Participatory Geographies Research Group

We send our support to all at the University of Amsterdam involved in the occupation of the Maagdenhuis, and current actions taking place demanding greater democratisation of the university. We applaud their brave efforts to challenge the commodification of higher education, at a critical time when corporate agendas are undermining public universities and intellectual integrity around the world. We […]

8 April 2015 – 21:55 | Comments (0)

Message of Support to the Students of Amsterdam and the LSE

We write to express our support for the marvellous actions of students occupying their universities in Amsterdam and London and in many other cities around the world. These actions are an inspiration. The students and members of staff who support them rightly demand an end to the managerial takeover of universities, to the ever-growing burden […]

19 March 2015 – 21:05 | Comments (0)

Irish Congress of Trade Unions Youth, Union of Students in Ireland, and Irish Federation of University Teachers

The Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) Youth, the Union of Students in Ireland (USI) and the Irish Federation of University Teachers (IFUT) want to express our support for the New University / ReThink UvA occupation at the University of Amsterdam. The demand to put an end to “managerialism, real-estate-speculation and precarious labour in Higher […]

18 March 2015 – 19:26 | Comments (0)

University of Oslo Student Parliament

The Student Parliament at the University of Oslo wishes to express its solidarity with the students demonstrating in Amsterdam. Universities are academic communities – not stock companies. Democratic organization, giving power to the students and academics, is essential to ensure that the pursuit of truth is not corrupted by and entangled with, the pursuit of […]

11 March 2015 – 13:00 | Comments (1)

Vizier: onderzoekerscollectief Economie en Cultuur

Vizier, het Vlaams-Nederlandse collectief van onderzoekers op het gebied van Cultuur & Economie, verklaart zich solidair met de doelstellingen van De Nieuwe Universiteit. Wij geloven in een democratische universiteit met ruimte voor kritiek en vinden dat de maatschappelijke waarde van hogere onderwijsinstellingen niet mag sneuvelen onder rendementsdenken. Namens Vizier, Boukje Cnossen – promovendus Tilburg University […]

6 March 2015 – 14:17 | Comments (0)