ReThink UvA proposes an urgent and fundamental transformation of the current organization of teaching and research. The following two position papers identify major problems and suggest solutions. They are meant as a starting point to reflect on the current state of affairs regarding the academic profession and its future. We want to invite all individual members of the UvA and its various bodies (research institutes, colleges, graduate schools, board of studies, departments, works and student councils, etc.) to participate in the discussion: Do you share the concerns described here? What issues are missing? Which steps could be taken (or are already implemented at one place or another) to make teaching and research a productive and fulfilling enterprise?
While the papers focus on the local situation, we hope that they can also incite discussions on teaching and research well beyond the UvA. We welcome feedback and involvement in a critical dialogue. Please contact us via:
Or join the public presentation of the papers at the Maagdenhuis on June 17th at 18:00.