The Student Parliament at the University of Oslo wishes to express its solidarity with the students demonstrating in Amsterdam. Universities are academic communities – not stock companies. Democratic organization, giving power to the students and academics, is essential to ensure that the pursuit of truth is not corrupted by and entangled with, the pursuit of profit. The Netherlands once had one of the most democratic systems for the organization of academia. The reorientation towards a market-based model of organization with no power delegated to students and academics puts the integrity of universities at risk. In a marked-oriented organization the neglect of subjects which benefits are difficult to monetize will be down-prioritized. The neglect of these important fields will continue unless the students and academics are heard and have real influence at universities.

The Student Parliament stands in solidarity with the students of Amsterdam and supports their demand for real influence their opposition against the cuts in spending on the Humanities

The Student Parliament at the University of Oslo

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