Working Groups

ReThink UvA has established working groups addressing a range of more specific tasks and topics.

  • Coordination: This workgroup is for coordination only.
  • Agenda: To keep track of the agenda of ReThink UvA. A member of every other working should be part of this group.
  • Strategy: For strategy discussions. On how to respond to letters, invitations. This working group (as any) drafts proposals and leaves it to the GA to decide.
  • Communications: For communications and media related issues.
  • Organization and Mobilization: There is a working group to organize actions.
  • Art: This group is dedicated to artistic strategies (in all media) for furthering the aims of RethinkUvA directly and/or to help broaden support.
  • Broader Alliances: For contact with alliances outside the academic world, i.e. political parties, social movements, sectors such as healthcare, secondary education etc; issues of precarity, sustainability, politics, etc
  • Network: To contact faculties and universities nationwide and internationally.
  • Finance: looking into financial structures of the UvA
  • Democratization
  • PhD
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Temporary Staff
  • ReThink HvA

For a full list see this document.

Virtual Assembly

The Virtual Assembly (VA) is a restricted online platform for ReThinkers at the ‘back end’ of our website—one may compare it with an intranet—aimed at easing internal communications. The VA is restricted to the ReThink UvA community and is therefore not publicly accessible. ReThinkers can sign up here to have access. The VA is an additional channel of communication and does not replace the mailing lists; it rather takes a share of the overall traffic and alleviates the current pressure on mailboxes.

General Mailing List

For the purpose of exchanging ideas and information on the new university, UvA staff members and associates use the mailing list [email protected].

To subscribe go to:
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Problems: [email protected]