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Date(s) - 24 Apr 16:00
16:00 - 18:00

REC B5.12 (Common Room Anthropology)


After an intensive period of occupations, demonstrations, negotiations, and other events, we seem to have commenced a new (and hopefully less turbulent) phase in which we can finally concentrate on the core issues of the movement. Our call for democratization is one such issue and has been repeatedly emphasized in different contexts. We have a general idea about what it means and have even established a working group to think it through. However, we have never taken a moment to come together as a community and engage in a more thorough discussion on this topic. What would democracy at the university entail according to ReThinkers? For this purpose, we organize a special brainstorm session on Friday 24 April, 16.00-18.00h. Location is to be announced soon.

This brainstorm session has two purposes. First, it provides an opportunity to take a moment for ourselves as a community and share our experiences of and ideas on democracy (and the lack thereof) at the university. The latest position paper of the democratization working group (link) offers an excellent starting point for such a discussion. Second, it will produce insights that may be used as input in preparatory talks among the partners on the establishment of the Governance Committee.


We call upon all ReThinkers to join the brainstorm session.