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Most honourable Mr Nikolaï,

It is with the greatest pleasure that we request your presence and that of your esteemed fellow Supervisory Board members at a public gathering at 16:30 on Monday, 11th April, A.D. 2016, on Spui Square. The purpose of the gathering shall be to introduce the new Executive Board members you kindly selected for the academic community.

We regret proposing such a remedial encounter, and one that risks exposure to the elements. We did attempt to book the Maagdenhuis–a building we find most welcoming–for a proper, roofed debate, but your ever-zealous Communication Bureau disappointed us, again. We wonder what they might be afraid of. We also attempted to arrange such a jolly gathering before, but the spiralling mess known as ‘Executive Board nomination procedure’ proved utterly impossible to plan around.

At any rate, we do hope you will welcome this last peace offering, and so look forward to receiving you with all due honours on Monday afternoon. Were you to fail to grace us with your presence, we may regrettably find ourselves compelled to publicly investigate the reasons why your lucratively divided commitments may prevent you from dedicating your attention to our august temple of Enlightenment.

Your most humble servants,

De Nieuwe Universiteit
Humanities Rally