Update on preparations committees

Following the earlier announced course of action, the parties involved in the preparations for the Finance Committee met with financial experts for consultations, last Tuesday, 13 May. The meeting was productive and generated useful ideas on how to further define the contours of the committee. The parties will meet again on Wednesday, 20 May, to proceed on the composition of the committee. If you have suggestions for candidates, please contact the ReThink UvA delegation (committees@rethinkuva.org).

Once the parties have come to a proposal for the composition of the committee, they will distribute the draft mandate and the proposed composition to the academic community. After consultation with the academic community, the involved parties will finalize the formulation of the mandate, contours, and composition, and proceed with the establishment of the Finance Committee.

The preparations for the Committee on Democratization and Decentralization too proceed steadily, but require more time, since this committee covers a broader range of topics and issues than the Finance Committee. The involved parties are currently working on the draft mandate and expect to finalize it during their next meeting on Monday, 18 May. We will keep you informed on the proceedings.

As stated in the joint declaration on the committees, both committees will regularly and publicly report to and collect input from all parts of the university. The committees will formulate proposals and submit these to the academic community for approval. Upon approval, the proposals will become binding and will subsequently be implemented. The Executive Board has pledged to offer financial support to the committees and to commit itself to the results of this reform process.

If you have questions or comments on these preparations, please send an email to committees@rethinkuva.org.

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