Representatives of COR, CSR, De Nieuwe Universiteit, Humanities Rally, ReThink UvA, ASVA, and the unions had a third meeting on Wednesday, 29 April, to continue preparations for the establishment of the Finance Committee. The parties have reached consensus on the draft mandate and exchanged thoughts on the composition of the committee. They agreed on the following course of action with the aim of finalizing preparations and establishing the committee.

  1. The involved parties will have consultations with financial experts during their next meeting to further identify the necessities, means, budget, size, and shape of the committee. (13 May)
  2. On the basis of these consultations, the parties will further refine the draft mandate and define the contours of the committee, i.e., necessities, means, budget, size, and shape.
    (20 May)
  3. Meanwhile, the parties will seek input from the academic community on the composition of the committee. (20 May)
  4. After consultation with the academic community, the parties will finalize the formulation of the mandate, contours, and composition, and proceed with the establishment of the committee. The Executive Board has pledged to offer financial support and full cooperation. (27 May)