Joint statement from ReThink UvA and Humanities Rally

Yesterday morning, ReThink UvA, Humanities Rally, De Nieuwe Universiteit, COR, CSR and the unions had a first successful meeting towards the formation of independent committees for democratization, decentralization, and financial transparency at our university.

Several hours before, De Nieuwe Universiteit called a press conference to announce that the provisional agreement with the CvB about ending the appropriation of the Maagdenhuis had been rejected.

Their press statement reiterated the earlier demand for the Board’s immediate resignation, and other actions were announced from next week onward. This statement was not issued on behalf of ReThink UvA or Humanities Rally.

Together with De Nieuwe Universiteit, we have made enormous progress over the past weeks. We are in the middle of establishing crucial independent committees that will help us move towards a more democratic and decentralized university.

All parties wish to continue this process, with De Nieuwe Universiteit as our continued partner and ally.

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