On Friday, 3rd of April, the Rethink UvA general assembly discussed the process of setting up the two independent committees together with the other groups involved. The principles that we find important for the work of the committees are: diversity; hospitability; active and decentralized outreach; deliberation-based work; attention to ongoing processes; and inclusiveness.

It was agreed that we should keep the demand of a moratorium on all reforms (including Profiel 2016) until the work of the committees is done. It was also emphasized to ensure that no one (staff or students) should face legal consequences for speaking up. We find it too early to determine the exact time frame for the committees’ work and results. As mentioned in the agreement, the committees should report back to the academic community. We demand the first results to be communicated before the end of the academic year, i.e. before mid-July.

A more extensive report of this gathering is posted here (login required)

Following the mandate assigned to the agenda workgroup, they will facilitate the discussion on the input for the follow-up meetings with the other organized groups (COR, CSR, DNU, HR, and the unions) on the formation of the committees. This discussion between Rethink UvA members is going on in the virtual assembly (login required). All members can post their opinion and suggestions as comments. The first meeting between the participating groups is planned on Wednesday 8th of April.