After offering a stage to inspiring speakers like David Graeber, Joris Luyendijk, Arnold Heertje, Ewald Engelen, and others, the Maagdenhuis today had the honor of hosting renowned French philosopher Jacques Rancière. Rancière engaged in a Q&A session with students and staff members.

Rancière’s presence is particularly apt in the context of the current Maagdenhuis appropriation and student protests. A former student of Althusser, he broke away from Althusser’s theories during the 1968 student uprising, for which Althusser had no clear insights to offer. In addition, Rancière has written extensively on education and the role of teachers, propagating the idea that facilitating equality among people should not be seen as the aim of education, but rather as the starting point for mutual communication and development.

For an elaborate summary and review of the meeting with Rancière, please continue reading Renske van Bronswijk’s article ‘The Maagdenhuis as an “Elsewhere” space’ on this website.