Following the decision of the third ReThink UvA General Assembly, ReThink UvA has requested a line of communication with the Supervisory Board of the UvA.

To the Supervisory Board,

We write with deep concern regarding the unfolding situation at the UvA. Our genuine and repeated attempts to bring an end to the trust crisis between staff and students on the one hand and the CvB on the other have so far been rebuffed. As a final gesture of goodwill we have extended the deadline for the CvB’s concrete response to our demands toMonday March 9th, 9 am. If in their response the CvB will remain deaf to the concerns of students and staff, the most constructive way forward seems establishing a Special Committee widely acceptable to, and trusted by, both staff and students. This Committee should then embark on rebuilding trust by facilitating a democratic solution to UvA problems in finance, governance and the organization of research and teaching. In this context we ask you to take immediate steps towards establishing a direct line of communication with De Nieuwe Universiteit and ReThink UvA, so that we begin to develop a new democratic, decentralized, participatory and more transparent University of Amsterdam.

ReThink UvA